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Scheduling Transportation

Call the Car is a healthcare transportation management company providing transportation services to the Health Plan of San Joaquin.

To schedule transportation, please contact the Health Plan of San Joaquin and select option (Option number) for transportation.  You will be directed to one of our skilled representatives who can walk you through the process.

Physician Certification Statement

The Physician Certification Statement (PCS) is used by a health care provider to prescribe transportation for members with medical conditions which preclude them from using normal means of conveyance.  

PCS is used to provide diagnosis information used to justify the use of Non Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT).  A signed PCS must be received and approved prior to scheduling transportation.

You can download a copy of an editable PCS form here:

Medical Record Analysis
Job Interview

Facility Services Visits

Call the Car representatives meet with medical facilities on a regular basis to:

  • Verify quality of service of our drivers and our vendor partners.

  • Answer questions about transportation workflow or forms.

  • Verify patient attendance, activity, and schedules.

To schedule a visit with one of our facility team contact: 

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